CIPD Level 5 HR Employment Law | Intermediate Award

The CIPD Level 5 HR Employment Law Intermediate Award houses the learning of the labor law that is settled between the employer and employees of the organization. This unit fits perfectly for the individuals who are blessed with a background of CIPD and its core aspects including HR and L&D. In addition to this, this unit centers on the employment relations with governmental bodies such as the EU. Upon the completion of this course, the students would achieve a sense of understanding about how the employment laws are regulated and enforced within corporate contexts. Hence, those working adults who have a considerate amount of experience in the HR field and have also certified CIPD level 3 with distinction, are the best candidates to enter this CIPD level.

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The Aspects of CIPD level 5 HR Employment Law Intermediate Award

This unit CIPD level 5 HR Employment Law Intermediate Award describes how the labor laws are planned and enforced within an organization to keep the business working smoothly. This module teaches the current and prospective students why it is an important duty of the HR professionals to take into account the legal requirements in multiple authorities while executing significant roles. In a similar pattern, the students unfold the core principles of employment legislation and the employment law system. Not only this, but they also learn how the HR activities and tasks are based on the crucial legal aspects.

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  • The first aim that this level covers is to ensure that the recruitment and selection process is carried out following legal standards. In this regard, it is the utmost responsibility of the HR managers to look after the whole talent selection process considering all the legal rules and adhering to them accordingly.
  • The next thing that befalls under the roles and responsibilities of the HR manager is managing change and reorganising the business emphasizing the laws and legal aspects.
  • This unit CIPD level 5 HR Employment Law Intermediate Award also focuses on the concerns that arise during the designing of pay scales and working hours within the business settings. Therefore, HR managers have to firmly devise all the rules and regulations of salary and working duration with respect to the legal codes.
  • On top of everything, it is the primary duty of the HR leader to ensure that the labour laws are being applied and followed within the working environment. They have to concentrate on the interaction among the workforce along with affirming their rights are being fulfilled in the first place. In this manner, the team leaders have to give heed to the employment laws so that the business evolves progressively.
  • Last yet not least, it is also the function of an HR manager to look after the effective performance of the workforce so that the staff stays up-to-date and well-informed about their strengths and downsides. In this regard, they have to consider the lawful matters in the first place so that every decision could revolve around justified and legitimate aspects of the business.

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Key Areas of Focus in the CIPD Level 5 HR Employment Law Intermediate Award Course

The chief topics that build the CIPD level 5 HR Employment Law Intermediate Award course significant to study are:

  • Data Protection and GDPR
  • Discrimination and the Law
  • Employment Law for Line Managers
  • Employee Relations
  • Health and Safety
  • Employee Relations and the Law
  • Fundamentals of Employment Law, etc.

Hence, once you have undertaken this CIPD level 5 HR Employment Law Intermediate Award, you will be able to explore the trending developments in employment law within the local and global jurisdictions.

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