About Us

This qualification requires extra efforts and observance as compared to other qualifications. It takes you to the avenues of HR and L&D, where all the concepts are sourced from fundamental and advanced bricks of professional and management development. The learners enrolled in this qualification enter this qualification in order to develop HR skills and knowledge.

Additionally, the professionals in this course aspire to excel in their learning process, practice, expertise, and potentials within the domain of HR and L&D.

Our Company is built with the vibrant prospects of giving you full-fledged guidance and direction in the domain of this qualification and to smooth complexities out for you. We are located in London, United Kingdom, operating in the industry is a central part of AKOSZ TEC LTD. The aim of the company is to help the learners in furnishing their careers and nurturing them into fully-blossomed HR practitioners. We make things easier for you by providing you comprehensive and extensive guide, support and advice in all the hooks and crannies of this qualification. Moreover, we have experts and professionals assembled under one roof to supervise you throughout the learning process with persistence and pleasure.

Our Professional Writers

Our company is linked with more than 500 specialist learning providers in-house and freelancers who have established their careers in all disciplines of this diploma successfully. Moreover, they have been working in this lane since 2007 with us and validating their experience through great achievements. Each of them is fortified with in-depth knowledge and skills for your assistance round the clock. Along with this, they are great practitioners in all courses. As a result, they have served across 20,000 students by administering them in these qualification concepts together with high-quality completed papers. They enable you to grow your skills and practices of all related domains within the workplace. Apart from this, the experts we own are professionals and well-experienced in all the domains

Furthermore, they have been picked out cautiously from the list of well-knowledgeable writers. After going through a firm screening criterion, we have stored up masterpieces for the students to help them profusely in their assessments. All in all, they are highly trained, collaborative, and proficient in the world of CIPD and demonstrate their practices by assisting the students profoundly and ambitiously.

Our Codes and Values

We are glued to the top 3 most dynamic values that play an integral part in our prizewinning journey, let’s have a look at them below:


A massive number of competitors exist in the industry, yet no one could grant you the level of satisfaction and credibility as much as we manifest through our work. Students across the world rely upon us for thorough and reliable guidance. Consequently, we are the top-rated company reviewed by the authorised consumer review websites and customers as well.


As far as our determination is concerned, we are first-rate in sticking to our goals and providing the students what they want with utmost resolution. Fully enriched with 14 years of experience, we have satisfied thousands of students enrolled in this diploma throughout the globe and look forward to helping in the future too.


We deliver top tier solutions in all the aspects of this diploma and every write-up generated by our professional writers is composed of 100% merit. Since our top priority is to accomplish the needs of the customers and validate our expertise to them, thus we aim to write work that individuates itself from others.

Our Staff

We believe in creating and strengthening the astounding relationship with the students, thus we strive every moment to provide them with the best help in all their issues in composing a well-structured assessment. We want to serve every student with constant elation and care; therefore we act upon it accordingly. To cater to the students fully and devoutly, we encompass a highly functional and meticulous staff including management, customer care team, QA support team, and HR department. By adding up all of our team members, we are a family of 500+ individuals. And you know what? Each of the individuals is highly immersed in delivering the best to the customers, be it a customer support team or simply technicians. You could always reckon on our credibility for achieving the most peculiar and detailed support within the briefest time. We have made 20,000+ customers happy with their orders and fruitfully shoved them to the path of success. Join our league now and let yourself run on the winning roadway too!