Important Frequently Asked Questions

Here we present the list of frequently asked questions that usually the majority of the students are inquisitive about. Let’s answer your queries below:

1. Can you tell me about your company?

We are a UK based company carrying an official office address and verified company number delivered by Company House UK. For more details, please visit the About Us page.

2. What services do you offer?

At our platform, we provide excellent writing, editing, and proofreading services for the complete Diploma. Moreover, we are fully approachable worldwide.

3. Who are the writers?

We own an energetic team of 500+ professionals who are there to figure out all the issues of CIPD marvellously with their in-depth knowledge and experience within the domain. When an order comes to us, they are the ones who take care of it and pen it with complete concentration and diligence. Moreover, our writers have worked within the industry for years, thus now outrival in the midst of the whole crowd. We allocate each professional practitioner to the order according to the corresponding requisites. To know more about them, go to the About Us page.

4. How does your writer work to write the papers?

They have a particular approach to stick to. The writer that is assigned to your paper first creates an outline of the paper. Then, he does great and rigorous research on the topic to gather the pertinent amount of data. Afterwards, he is supposed to draft the initial content on the basis of the data he has stored up. The process takes a comprehensive journey that is implanted on certain steps including exploring, drafting, interpreting, explaining, proposing, and discussing. In addition to this, the customer gets the opportunity to keep a trail of the progress in the interim. In this manner, the writer finishes composing the work within the time provided by the customer. He makes certain that all the little and big details are mapped out confidently and skillfully on the sheet. Hence, you get the assignment here that you have always expected to have.

5. Could I submit the work as it is to my supervisor?

Well, as far as the direct submission of the work is concerned, we would suggest you double-check the entire language patterns and structure. Along with this, you should also check for the work style that you specifically own and match the patterns with the written document submitted by us. All in all, we provide you customised papers so they should be used with the purpose of sheer references only.

6. Can I see the initial draft prepared by my writer?

Yeah, sure. You always have the chance to review the initial papers written by the writer so that you could gauge the entire aura of the document. However, we recommend you to wait until the completion of the order.

7. What are the top ten reasons for taking help from you?

We have been ranked as first-class among all our competitors globally from authorised consumer service websites and students. Let’s look below at the exclusive qualities that make us stand out in the industry:

  • 100% according to content to the rubric and brief
  • Zero % plagiarism content
  • A comprehensive and customised approach
  • 100% payback assurance in case of dissatisfying result
  • High-quality papers are driven from unique tactics
  • Quick turnarounds with successful outcomes
  • Free Turnitin report
  • Never resold never reused
  • Back-to-back customer support on friendliest notes
  • 100% appreciable documents

8. What is the guarantee of plagiarism in the work you write?

The foremost one is that we make use of the instructor version tool that ensures the similarities and distinction within the text. Another emphasis laid upon by our writers is that they generate exceptionally flawless papers that are 100% genuine to the core. Likewise, the similarities are never saved in the databases of Turnitin. Hence, every single piece etched by us has emerged from intellectual minds.

9. What is the exact time duration of the completion of the task?

It entirely depends upon the preferred deadline you have made. At the time of placing an order, you need to fill the deadline category quite thoughtfully since the delivery of the order is directly proportional to the deadline chosen. Additionally, we aim to submit perfect papers in the shortest time available.

10. Are your services legitimate?

Yes, we have informed media presence about the legality of our services. Apart from this, we would have got messed up if the services we are providing had not been authentic. Hence, you could always count on us for 100% lawful services.

11. What are the policies for a refund?

The list below shows the rules of refund, have a look at them:

  • You are eligible for a refund if your card gets recharged accidentally more than one time.
  • You are eligible for a refund if the written work is not as per your taste.
  • You are eligible for a refund if the work is not delivered on due time.
  • You are eligible for a refund if you fail in the work produced by our writers.
  • You are eligible for a refund if you decide to cancel the order within 24 hours of confirmation.
  • 12. Are your services too expensive?

    No, we believe in alleviating the problems of the students and removing the burden they suffer from. In doing so, we could never think of setting the rates on fire and making things even more complicated for them to handle. Therefore, we offer at quite convenient rates starting from £79, so that every student could relish the benefits.

    13. What payment methods do you accept?

    We are open for specific payment methods globally that are stated below:

    • PayPal
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
    • Visa Debit
    • Visa Electron
    • Visa Credit
    • AmericanXpress
    • Bank Transfers

    14. What is the assurance of confidentiality at your place?

    We go to the farthest end to save your privacy and personal information. The data is encrypted securely and all the modes of the purchasing process are entirely safe. Thus, you surely are in secure hands once you step into our site.