CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Award in Human Resources

The CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Award in Human Resources provides deeper insights into the functions and aspects of Human Resources. It suits dynamically the needs and requirements of individuals who are planning to upgrade their skill set in HR contexts and gain a consolidated HR practice. In this regard, they hold a strong background in the core principles of Human Resource Management, which is why they would be able to move ahead in the discipline. Simply put, individuals who have already certified the CIPD level 3 in Human Resources are eligible to take upon this current advanced version of CIPD learning. Therefore, if you are finding ways of progressing your CIPD competence and setting about a prestigious career in the HR domain, then the CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Award in Human Resources is the best option to take.

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An Overview of CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Award in Human Resources

This course CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Award in Human Resources incorporates the education of all the HR skills, practices, and strategies that are needed to ace the role of HR practitioner. It houses the concepts of how to combat the work-based challenges and practical issues that pop up during the accomplishment of tasks. In this regard, the learner understands how to make and plan strategies within business contexts so that he can effectively perform the HR role. Additionally, the learner would become proficient in leading the teams and directing the subordinates to meet the organizational objectives. They would adopt the nuts and bolts of carrying out all the HR tasks with full dedication and effort. Upon the completion of this course, the learner gains expertise in HR management and all the intricate aspects of HR. They are highly competent in showcasing their skills and knowledge within a wide range of corporate contexts and roles. Thus, this qualification works wonders to become an expert HR manager and inculcates the following units.

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CIPD Level 5 Award Employment Law

This unit aims to deliver a wide understanding and skillset to current and prospective students about the rules of employment law. Also called labour law, it signifies the relationship that takes place between the employee and employer. The students learn how to design, apply, and assess the rules of employment law which determine an effective working environment within the industry. These codes entail all the necessary information about the working hours, minimum wage law, safety assurance, and working patterns of the employees which is why it is important to cover all the details and rights in the employment law. Sometimes, the employers get overwhelmed as they are not able to comply with the rules and regulations of employment law and in the end, they fall victim to the disobedience of labour law. Hence, this unit includes all the codes about labour including family and medical laws, health insurance, employee discrimination, civil rights, and overtime pay. In this manner, the students get awareness about the solid rules of employment laws.

CIPD Level 5 Resourcing and Talent Planning

It befalls under the roles and responsibilities of the HR manager to look after the recruitment and selection process within an organization. An HR manager attracts, retains, and employs the right talent from the marketplace so that he can collectively work for the company’s growth. He is responsible for designing job descriptions, conducting interviews and assessments, and supervising the induction process. In this regard, they have to examine and regulate the entire functions of resource usage which involves selecting the skilled candidates to work in your company and meet the pre-set business objectives and goals. Therefore, the students unfold different stages of conducting the process of resourcing and talent planning in this unit.

CIPD Level 5 Reward Management

This unit focuses on the performance and working patterns of the workforce within business contexts. It is the duty of an HR manager to praise the work performance of the employees in the shape of benefit plans. Different organizations have different reward management systems, out of which the top ones include health insurance policies, paid leaves, conveyance benefits, vacations, sick leaves, promotions, and labour market trends. In this regard, the unit covers how to design, map out, and deliver reward plans within corporate sectors. The students learn how to proffer the benefit plans to the workforce and evaluate the impact on their performances.

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CIPD Level 5 Contemporary Developments in Employment Relations

This unit of CIPD level 5 teaches the HR students how to maintain a strong connection between employees and employers of an enterprise. In addition to this, this unit covers the relationship with different bodies, including the Trade Union, CAC, and other government entities. Therefore, the students would explore all the basic and trending practices of managing employment relations.

CIPD Level 5 Using Information in Human Resources

The HR unit is responsible for researching, storing, classifying, and properly retrieving the HR information. The students would discover how to collect and maintain records of the business data which include the credentials of the employees, business documents, and every little detail about the workforce. In this manner, the students would gain research and analytical skills which would support them in carrying out the task of using HR data effectively.

CIPD Level 5 Managing and Co-ordinating the HR Function

The students probe into the evolving methods and contemporary practices of HR which are beneficial for the growth of the business. The unit covers how to supervise the functions of the HR that are necessary to follow to keep the business progressing and meeting the goals and objectives. Moreover, the students learn the leadership and managerial skills of performing tasks with perfection.

CIPD Level 5 Business Issues and the Context of Human Resources

This unit embraces the skills of controlling the external factors and impacts on an HR unit. The students would gain a deeper understanding of the factors that affect the performance of the organization thus, it holds crucial aspects of HR.

CIPD Level 5 Developing Professional Practice

This unit of CIPD is all-encompassing since it offers the learners complete skills, knowledge, and competence about the HR roles within external and internal spheres of the organization. The learner understands what skills to implement in different situations and how to battle challenges. On the whole, once you have completed the course, you will be able to demonstrate a sound understanding of all the HR potentials and knowledge within wider contexts.

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