Business, Culture and Change in Context 3CO01

Business, Culture and Change in Context 3CO01

This subject aids students in comprehending how external factors impact how organizational culture evolves. Students use what they`ve learned in this lesson to comprehend the commercial and digital environments, as well as how well they can impact change. Individuals working in human resources cultivate distinct behaviours that improve change management in the most sensible methods.

The unit`s learning goals and evaluation standards are as follows:

  • Recognizing how people`s professional difficulties and the company environment impact the way the business operates.
  • Recognizing how employee behaviour affects and develops organizational culture at work.
  • Recognize the need to comprehend change, bring about change, and include human resources specialists in change management.
  • The activities of people experts and the business environment
  • Outside factors affecting the business environment

Students will comprehend how to analyze the external world using PESTLE, SWOT, and Porter`s Five Forces. This aids human resource professionals in comprehending the activities and commercial operations of the present while attempting to manage those in the future. The professionals` increased knowledge of their decision-making and their consideration of solutions to some of the organization`s difficulties stems from their use of the tools.

Organizational objectives and the provision of goods and services

The first step in learning about business, culture, and change is for learners to comprehend organizational objectives and how they improve the performance of the organization. Ascertaining the aims and objectives of a firm is contingent upon its particular nature and the vision that guides its establishment. Employers and professionals should seek to improve efficient planning and build organizational support to ensure the successful continuation of enterprises.

Students should also focus on comprehending the goods and services that the company provides to its clients. Students taking the course should be able to name the products and services that the companies they work for manufacture and provide to their clients. To support organizational performance, professionals should also think about providing products and services to clients under the aims and objectives established. Reaching organizational goals and objectives is a major factor in the establishment of initiatives to maintain the organization`s direction toward success.

Using technology to enhance working procedures

Pupils gain knowledge about the many forms of technology and how they complement workplace procedures. They must be aware of the platforms on which they are expected to use technology and know how to best use it to enhance workflow. The ability to recognize the shifts brought about by technology usage and to implement best practices to encourage progress at work should be a skill that learners possess. It`s also important to comprehend the many methods of using technology. These are seen to be suitable for making sure that social media platforms are designed to facilitate work-related activities including customer service, communication, increased productivity, and high levels of security at the workplace. The digital workplace has undergone significant transformation as a result of many technology instruments. increased work habits lead to increased performance, and these tools are the root of such practices.

Human behaviour and workplace culture

Workplace culture encompasses the systems, norms, values, and tactics that are present inside an organization and have an effect on how it operates overall as well as in commercial settings. Organizational culture development calls for experts to take the lead in determining the best course of action to provide a comprehensive framework that fosters productive working relationships. Students should be aware of the role human resources professionals play in creating inclusive and diverse workplaces. As a result, the unit offers insight into the ideas that are useful for creating productive organizational practices.

People professionals need to be aware of the many kinds of work and have a good influence on the workplace to successfully implement a holistic strategy and system to work inside the organization. By participating in organizational choices and activities, human resources professionals affect organizations. Professionals implementing rules and regulations required to support corporate operations, for instance, construct the whole organizational structure. Prosperous organizational cultures attract exceptional workers whose personal principles align with the organization`s ideals, paving the way for future achievements.

Learning and growth in connection to an individual`s aptitudes and talents

Students enrolled in this course should be aware of the importance of education and training in enhancing professionals` capacity to deliver and generate value for businesses. As per the evaluation criteria, students must comprehend the notion of human capital and the need to invest in experts to facilitate enhancements in their jobs. Building people`s skill sets improves learning and makes a big difference in creating a competitive work environment. The students comprehend the value of in-the-workplace education as well as the ideas behind it. Learning is an important way to invest in human capital since it boosts organizational performance and helps professionals identify the learning patterns that lead to changes at work. To achieve success, professionals should work to create cultures that value learning and better abilities to handle various organizational problems. Professionals should also possess the fundamental knowledge that recognizes a desire to learn and uphold the appropriate organizational principles.

The significance of proficient change management

Organizing and handling change

To pinpoint the variables that lead to change, learners must comprehend the need to make plans for it. Among the elements covered in the unit are rivalry, disarray inside the company, advancements in technology, and difficulties in bringing about change. To involve employers, managers, and professionals in putting successful company performance improvement projects into action, planning for change is essential. To improve the effectiveness of change, human resource professionals should be aware of the functions and goals of planning. Human resources specialists serve as gatekeepers to organizational objectives and need to speak for the tasks and concerns carried out to make an organization successful. In addition to being the guardians of other staff members, the professionals play a significant role in change management. Professionals treat those participating in the process of transformation as friends. They encourage, persuade, and assist them in accepting and making accommodations for change. 

Lastly, people specialists provide information about changes by acting as communicators. Improved interactions between professionals and workers are a result of this.

Effects of alterations

It is hard to resist change in the workplace, and change is necessary. Impacts of change might be behavioural, interpersonal, or professional. Changes in the workplace might hurt an employee`s career, cause them to lose their job, or alter their connections and perspectives there. Changes have an impact on people`s social, emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. In light of this, experts must comprehend change and work to guarantee that they assist the process of change. Professionals enrolled in the unit need to be eager to determine if the alterations are favourable or unfavourable. With these, they may recognize tactics for mitigating unfavourable changes and take the lead in proposing methods for improving the efficacy and suitability of changes.

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