Developing Mentoring Skills for the Workplace 3DMS

The growing recognition of the importance of employee development by organisations has led to a surge in the popularity of mentoring programmes. When creating mentoring programmes to support workers` development and success, what factors should employers take into account?

In every professional context, mentoring relationships naturally arise when an experienced individual (the mentor) provides insightful advice to a less experienced one (the mentee). However, professional mentoring programmes give the structure and regularity required for beneficial and long-lasting results.

Goal and purpose of the unit 

The learner gains an understanding of the general principles that support mentoring in the workplace from this course. It aims to give the student an overview of the theoretical underpinnings of mentoring as well as the chance to experiment with different mentoring philosophies when it suits, like in the role of a line manager. Professionals in education and training who are involved in selecting and putting into practice suitable and unique learning and development strategies throughout the company may also find this subject useful. 

This unit is appropriate for individuals who: 

  • Aspire to work in HR/L&D
  • Are entering the field and are interested in improving their knowledge and skills
  • Have oversight of HR/L&D decisions and activities within a company without an in-house function
  • Would like to advance their knowledge and skills as mentors
  • Are involved in assisting with the introduction of mentoring in an organisation. 

Learning objectives 

After completing this lesson, students will be able to: 

  • Describe the fundamentals of mentoring. 
  • Be able to discuss the advantages of mentoring in the professional setting. 
  • Possess the ability to use mentoring tools and strategies. 

3DMS CIPD Foundation Unit content

There is indicative content available for every one of the unit`s learning objectives. Although the content is not complete nor prescriptive, it should help students meet the learning objectives. 

1. Be able to articulate the fundamentals of mentorship. The nature and goals of the mentoring relationship are as follows: 

  • Mentoring encourages career development along with progression; 
  • Recognises individual abilities; 
  • Supports ethical and moral aspects; supports personal and professional growth through support, advice, and direction from a colleague with greater expertise to a more junior or less experienced member of staff. many mentoring formats, such as online, peer, group, informal, one-to-one, GROW, and others.

2. Effectiveness of diverse mentoring styles: for example growth-related, sponsoring, expanding, directing, nurturing, and non-directive methods.

3. Know why mentoring is beneficial in the workplace. The proper application of mentoring to other instructional interventions, including how mentoring differs from coaching and other acquiring and development interventions, how to use coaching for future growth, and how to compare mentoring to other learning along with development interventions like career advancement training. 

An organisation can gain from a mentoring programme in the following ways: 

  • Enhanced productivity and engagement among employees; 
  • Better hiring and retention; individualised developmental interventions for staff members; 
  • Talent and ability recognition; 
  • Succession preparation; 
  • Transfer of tacit understanding; 
  • New hire development. 

Benefits that the mentee may experience include: 

  • Improved knowledge and skill improvement; 
  • More targeted professional objectives; 
  • Improved chances of advancement; 
  • Heightened motivation; 
  • Elevated ambitions; 
  • And the capacity to create action plans using SMART criteria. 
  • Implementing a successful mentoring programme inside a company involves preparation, taking into account the mentee and mentor selection process, proper matching, the availability of training resources, and choosing models and styles that work for the business and its members. 

Possess the ability to use mentoring tools and strategies. 

  1. Providing specialised guidance, support, and advice
  2. Acting discreetly and ethically; offering feedback
  3. Assisting mentee in action planning
  4. Facilitating problem-solving
  5. Making the mentee aware of other areas of specialised support are just a few examples of the mentor`s role in the mentoring relationship. 

Good listening skills, problem-solving exploration, cultural and personal sensitivity, appropriate challenge, sharing of experiences, identification of developmental needs, encouragement of alternative approaches to resolving issues action plan negotiation, and progress monitoring are a few examples of effective mentoring methods. 

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