Human Resource Service Delivery 5SDL

Human Resource Service Delivery 5SDL

The primary goals of this HR service delivery unit are to assist and provide services to employees. This is one of the fundamental HR divisions as it deals with service delivery throughout the employee`s lifetime. The provision of HR services affects an employee`s career inside an organization from the moment of employment until their departure. It also has an impact on everyone HR could interact with as an employee. As a result, HR professionals must be aware of the requirements for providing effective and efficient services. Service delivery is an organization`s first line of defence when its CEO or any employee needs HR services. HR and customer contacts can have a long-lasting effect on an organization.

Providing services is essential to accomplishing the objectives of the organization. Since HRM is the only department in an organization that works directly with management and employee concerns, it plays a crucial role in providing services. Students studying human resource management will so gain a great deal from this course. Among the unit`s goals are:

  • Examining various HR service delivery models
  • Being aware of the creation and maintenance of an HR service delivery methodology
  • Recognizing the difficulties in sustaining efficient HR services
  • To comprehend how businesses alter the location and composition of their HR departments

Learning Objective

After completing the unit, students will be capable of:

  • Describe and comprehend the different approaches used to provide HR services.
  • Find the HR service delivery model that works well for various types of organizations.
  • Keep HR services current and oversee them.
  • play a crucial part in the provision of HR services and the reorganization of organizations.

The human resource service delivery unit is beneficial for those who work in HR or want to work in HR. Those looking to further their careers in learning and development and human resources will find this unit to be beneficial. HR is not the only department in some organizations that implements HR rules and initiatives. To comprehend the HR function within an organizational and environmental framework, such organizations should enrol the people assigned to that position in this unit. Learn about the many service delivery models that enable efficient and successful service delivery in this topic. The session will discuss two kinds of HR service delivery models.

Models for HR Service Delivery

Generalists have historically supplied services to HR departments. This is the most often used form of service delivery in many organizations. According to the conventional paradigm, the HR division is a member of the core team that handles organizational services. Administrative personnel, specialists, and generalists make up the team. Under a typical paradigm, the HR division takes care of the requirements of senior staff, managers, workers, and outside guests. In these frameworks, human resources often prioritize administrative duties above managerial and technical ones. The majority of organizations employ the conventional model of HR service delivery as their most popular approach. This particular strategy is particularly prevalent in private corporations and medium-sized and small-sized businesses.

Another HR service delivery model is Ulrich`s three-legged stool concept. In this strategy, strategic collaboration serves as the foundation for the provision of HR services. We`ll talk about how the model`s emphasis on segmenting HRM into several functional areas makes it perfect for bigger organizations in this section. According to this approach, three main strands impact HR service delivery. The following three strands will be present:

The strategic partners in HR

A strategic partnership is when the human resources department of an organization collaborates closely with its management to accomplish its goals. The main advantage of business partnerships is that it enables HR professionals to interact with managers more effectively and strategically. Additionally, the HR position and strong interpersonal abilities allow the partners to bring up concerns that can go unnoticed by the management.

The HR department`s expert centre

The centre of expertise consists of human resource specialists with a wealth of experience using industry-leading HR systems. Students will get an understanding of how an organization may gain a competitive advantage in several HR domains, including people management, training, and incentives, by participating in this program. Students will have a solid understanding of the numerous topics addressed by this second strand of Ulrich`s three-legged model by the conclusion of the lesson.

The HR services that are shared.

The unit claims that the third and last strand to develop in the 1990s is the sharing of HR services. The third component of Ulrich`s concept proposes the possibility of centralizing the execution of administrative duties. The three basic tenets of shared HR services are cost, quality, and organizational transformation. Students must provide examples of current organizations within each principle to evaluate the specifics.

Self-service and outsourcing are two other HR service delivery strategies. It is ideal to recognize that there are advantages and disadvantages to HR service delivery approaches. By the conclusion of the lesson, the students will be able to choose a model that works for certain companies or sectors.


HR departments within an organization may have various responsibilities and structures based on the goals and demands of the company. One crucial element of the adjustments necessary to accomplish an organization`s goals is the provision of services. All HR practitioners should take the Human Resource Service Delivery unit since the information it imparts applies to real-world situations. Learners will choose which of the HR service delivery models discussed in this unit to use in their companies as best practices. By the conclusion of the course, students will have developed their service delivery strategies to be successful and efficient, making them ready for the cutthroat market.

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