Preparing and Designing Learning and Development Activities 3PDL

The main purpose of the unit Preparing and Designing Learning and Development Activities 3PDL is to consider the activities to make the learners able to design activity types and attain the learning outcomes. The provided activities should offer the experience that trained the learners in getting practice and feedback on certain results. Here are the questions that make the learners alert to get the information at the time of designing learning and development activities:

  • What motivation makes the learners perform certain activities which the instructor has chosen for them?
  • Which aspects did learners need to hear, see or read to comprehend the topic?
  • In what way a learner can get involvement in the topic?
  • Illustrate some real-world examples which are analogous and relevant in situations that might help the students to seek the topic.
  • What will be the requirement of the students for practising and illustrating the topic knowledge?

According to Diana Laurillard (2012), the activities of learning are divided into 6 types.

  • Practice
  • Collaboration
  • Discussion
  • Inquiry
  • Acquisition
  • Production


Many learners learn with practice and this learning type required the learners to respond to the target settled by the instructors and prepare act changes regarding the aims to apply provided feedback to improve their actions. These actions will be part of future learning regarding the student’s context that might include feedback, peers, self-reflection, peers and teachers. These practices of learning involve role plays, sets of problems, quizzes and games.


In collaboration learning the students might work as a group and comprehend and solve that issue together. Collaboration refers to the teamwork of the students regarding the process of information and ideas sharing. Collaborative learning is important because it impacts the competition of the students with each other and gives collaborative feedback as a peer group which resulted in incredible outcomes. The collaboration students particularly include collaboration in small group work, Jigsaw grouping,problem-solving andproject work.


The discussion learning techniques required the learners to keep their ideas and questions in order. Moreover, students can respond by doing discussions with their teachers and friends. Following are the categories of discussions:

  • In-class discussions
  • Asynchronous and Onlineforums
  • Polling
  • Group discussions
  • Think-pair-share activities


The category of learning in which students learn through comparison, investigation, inquiry, text of critique and resources. Furthermore, learners can seek reflection, contrast, text comparison, space visiting, online research, and data analysis. The learners have also the opportunity to investigate the reflection, ideas and concepts.


In CIPD learning, the learners have to acquire the ideas presented by the instructors including.

  • Reading from books and websites
  • Listening to a lecture or a podcast
  • Watching Demos or videos


The learners can acquire the production method of learning at the time when they must provide an outcome provided by the course instructor. The production motivation in learners is not attained by the ocean structures of responses. Apart from it, the public output production is made of:

  • Creatingmodelsorart facts
  • Blogging
  • E-portfolios
  • Audio video performances
  • Mapping and writingconcept

While planning for the learning methods the learners have to keep the learning objectives, environment and students into account. A lot of useful methods are utilised for learning plans however the method of constructive alignment is known as the most useful method. Therefore, its knowledge of construction is conveyed by learners and their activities. In this approach designs the required outcomes are provided underneath:

  • Learning principles
  • The teaching cycle
  • Learning and designing activities
  • Learning objectives development

Learning principles

The learning theories and principles are presented to make learners eligible for making useful designs of decision-making and understanding the class happenings.

There are 7 learning principles:

1. Learning in context:Connection of learning with the real world.

2. Learning issues and challenges:it is based on the difficulties and issues which assist the learners to become skilful and expert to attain a goal.

3. Emotions and learning:the character of emotion in the learning process.

4. Learning to higher-order thinking and to learn:it emphasises the learning methods despite the learning material.

5. Learning asbecoming:the learners get the learning with their higher education results and experiences.

6. In-depth and meaningful learning:it is based on the more difficult and advanced learning.

7. Interactive learning:the learning which is getting from the help of interaction with mates.

Learning and designing activities

Activities inthe learning outcomes and assessment of the entire program are according to the learning requirements of students with stages. It includes the planning of lessons. Prepare the unit and put 9 steps into the sequence derived by Robert Gagne.

1. Practice

2. Prior learning

3. Gain attention

4. Enhanceretentionandtransferto the job

5. Provide feedback

6. Assessment of performance

7. Present content

8. Telllearners objectives

9. Bestow guidance

Essential points of the unit

The unit Preparing and Designing Learning and Development Activities 3PDL has the aim of making it a successful activity for the students through the aspects such as.

  • To provide the alignments with the stance of graduation level institute in the teaching place for the learners.
  • To offer clear and well-defined learning results.
  • Taking consideration of the physical, social and emotional needs of students.
  • Prepare the educators eligible to collect the information about the process and experience of learning for students.
  • Improve the collaboration of critical thinking of students for classroom collaboration.
  • Bestow the involvement ability with great activity in the classroom sessions of learners.
  • To provide sequential learning activities to the learners that aid them to become experts in the proposal of learning outcomes.

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