Professional Behaviours and Valuing People 5CO03

Professional Behaviours and Valuing People 5CO03

The unit called Professional Behaviours and Valuing People 5co03 focuses on understanding how people behave professionally at work and how they value each other. It`s important for people to have good relationships at work and this unit teaches how to do that. It talks about the behaviors and ethical practices that help people do well at their jobs.

In this unit, professionals learn how to use their own values to create a positive work culture and make good decisions that help everyone in the organization. It also talks about how teamwork and including everyone at work are important. The unit explains why these things are good for both the people and the organization.

Another important part of the unit is about helping people grow and develop while they work in the organization. People who work with others must keep learning and improving their skills to do their jobs better.

The unit also assess the learners to increase their insight for analysing the significance or continue their activities for professional development on the performance and behaviour at the workplace. They are required to check on the optimistic changes and analyse if the intended conclusions are assessed or met the influence on behaviour and personal per. IT through per be, result performance change identification. Learners also check out the versatile methods of Learning and Development true formal and informal way to analyse the personal development activities which is required for supporting the learning journey. Another emphasis of this unit is on the assessment of learners who are expected to recognise their weaknesses and strengths. They can also check out the results by utilising the feedback and analysing the areas of development.

Another crucial part of this unit is to recognise the learners and their way of contemplating behaviour in terms of inclusive working and generating optimistic relationships at the workplace. It also provides the value essentiality for others by understanding their potential. Moreover, the learners can also recognise the significance of diversity, active listening of versatile opinions, trust building, support provision, seeking views and sharing information from others. With this, the learners can also analyse the significance of colleague dealings, information and knowledge sharing, and mastery to solve the difficulties faced by individuals at the workplace.

Objectives of unit

The unit Professional Behaviours and Valuing People 5co03 provides great details of the optimistic relationship of the work will beam of the employees and voice support might regenerate with the professional behaviour application that is comprised of the objective such as

  • Inclusivity is the place where learners acquire the way to introduce collaborative and inclusive strategies showing the inclusive culture influence and the significance of employee treatment on a fair basis in the organisation. The learner also acquires versatile findings and solutions to different challenges to boost positive and healthy work relationships.
  • Commitment to learn more in terms of performance enhancement, professional development and learning through identifying the people`s professional role in development and growth.
  • Ethical practices at the place where you acquire more ethical and professional behaviours with having great concerns with the people practice. You can also learn the ways through which anyone can apply ethical and personal values and the way to impact their people through giving confident contributions during group or team discussions.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcome of the unit Professional Behaviours and Valuing People 5co03 are designed to generate a great acquisition of ethical behaviour among learners of Human Resource Management. Some of the significant learning outcomes of the unit Professional Behaviours and Valuing People 5co03 are provided underneath.

LO1: Potential to signify ethical and professional behaviours emphasize the practice of people.

LO2: Potential to advocate for collaborative and inclusive strategies to impact the positive relationship of work.

LO3: Potential to show commitment in terms of personal development learning and increasing performance at a workplace.

Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria of the unit Professional Behaviours and Valuing People 5co03 is comprised of the learning outcomes to Taylor the great acquisition in the life utilising work ethics at the organisation.

LO1: Potential to signify ethical and professional behaviours emphasize the practice of people.

1.1 Elaborate the professional term and its meaning to the people in the profession.

1.2 Provide three minimum examples of the way through which ethical values influence your working procedure and working relationship development therefore you can elaborate on the ethical values.

1.3 Utilise your personal and professional experience to elaborate the way you can contribute to the discussions for certifying practices of people that are applied

1.4 Provide effective communication to influence and engage others

1.5 Elaborate ways you can increase the issues with practice and policy issues which dispute ethical or legislation value.

LO2: Potential to advocate for collaborative and inclusive strategies to impact the positive relationship of work.

2.1 Utilising relatable theory presents a strong argument explaining the human and business benefits of having people get included fairly and valued at work.

2.2 Elaborate the initiative for enhancing the factors of people implement in the feedback response from external and internal sources

2.3 Elaborate on its working procedure and significance in terms of external and internal sources.

LO3: Potential to show commitment in terms of personal development learning and increasing performance at a workplace.

3.1 Explore the evolving character of the professional people in the organisation

3.2 Elaborate the self-assessment of the learners by checking out their weaknesses and strengths.

3.3 Design the activities for supporting the learning journey of individuals

3.4 Analyse the influence of activities on the behaviour of the learners.

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