Supporting Good Practice in Performance and Reward Management 3PRM

Reward management and performance have a great significance in the good practices supporting include two methods integrated and strategic. The integrated method has a connection with versatile methods of the management teams of individuals and businesses. The strategic method is considered a goal that works for the long term with wide organisation issues. These methods assist the organisation in making useful outcomes by improving the performance and capabilities of teams and individuals. The unit Supporting Good Practice in Performance and Reward Management 3PRM is comprised of two main purposes, the first purpose is to provide help to the workers in evaluating the knowledge and required skills to get efficiency in their job. The second main aim of the organisation is to give benefits when the employees have completed their tasks with complete direction and appropriate focus.

Objectives of unit

The main purpose of the unit Supporting Good Practice in Performance and Reward Management 3PRM is to make the learners of CIPD level 3 get good recognition of the purposes and process of performance and reward management with having the responsibilities of HR. The unit Supporting Good Practice in Performance and Reward Management 3PRM makes the learners eligible to create their understanding of motivational theories. The learners can utilise their tools and methods of association which can be useful with the management and performance provision for reward. In addition, the students will have a positive impact on the objective of business organisation. The supervisors and employees have two methods to generate a connection between them and their expectations are related to the things provided underneath.

  • Goals and functional interaction of the organisation.
  • Roles and accountability.
  • Regular and transparent feedback can improve the employee’s performance.
  • Successful coaching and development.

The unit Supporting Good Practice in Performance and Reward Management 3PRM also caters to the skills that are appropriate and can support the performance management follow-up by reviewing the data management aspects. Furthermore, the learners can also understand the financial and non-financial advantages and their responsibility with significant elements of the award decisions. In the final part of the course, the learner should have good confidence and give first-line support to managers and employees on the topic of award management and performance. The significant stages and components of the process of performance management are categorised by Basic performance appraisal.

What tasks do learners accomplish by studying the unit Supporting Good Practice in Performance and Reward Management 3PRM?

The learners can get appreciation from their field by studying the unit supporting good practice and performance and reward management 3PRM. Following the categories are the learners who are required to study the unit supporting good practice and performance and reward management 3PRM.

  • The students who want to pursue a career in the CIPD and human resource management need to study this unit
  • The people who are already associated with the CIPD field or human resource management and have the intention to learn more skills and knowledge regarding the role of Human Resource Management are required to study this unit.
  • The individuals who are part of human resource management and have the increment in their job role due to that they have some new responsibilities to deal with. In such situations, they prefer to study more and learn new tactics to deal with the newly assigned tasks.
  • The people who are working somewhere and facing the issue of turnout in their organisation need to study this unit to understand the tactics for increasing the tenure of employees in the organisation.
  • The students who in the future want to become the part of HR field need to study this unit.

Learning Outcomes

Every unit has its assessment criteria that give learning outcomes to the students which are based on the core points of the unit. The learning outcomes of the unit supporting good practice and performance and reward management 3PRM are given below.

LO1: Description of the performance management, motivation and success of the organisation and their relationship.

LO2: Illustrate the relationship between performance and reward management.

LO3: Recognise the significance of effective performance and reward management at an organisation.

LO4: Reflection and conduct of performance review.

Assessment Criteria

The assessment criteria of the unit supporting good practice and performance and reward management 3PRM are provided below:

1. Illustration of the relationship between organisational success, performance management and motivation.

1.1 Describe the performance management reason and its relationship with the business objectives.

1.2 Describe the performance management components.

1.3 Describe the motivation and performance relationship.

2. Illustration of the relationship between performance and reward management.

2.1 Describe the award determination with the performance management system.

2.2 Elaborate and evaluate the reward system components with their effectiveness.

3. Effective performance and reward management contribution in an organisation.

3.1 Elaborate and evaluate the method of performance management that needs consideration.

3.2 Describe the requirement for personal data in the process of performance and reward management.

4. Conduct and reflect on the performance review.

4.1 Illustrate the procedure and frequency purpose for performance review.

4.2 Execute a performance meeting review to show the performance review.

Unit activities

With learning outcomes and assessment criteria, unit supporting good practice and performance and reward management 3PRM has numerous activities. These activities have a role in the academic and working progress by which the students have to give solutions to the scenarios.

Activity 1.1: Learners have to add a minimum of 2 performance management reasons and their relationship with the business objectives.

Activity 1.2: Learners have to put at least 3 components.

Activity 1.3: Learners have to provide the references and description of 2 motivational theories.

Activity 2.1: Learners have to add 2 causes of reward at least.

Activity 2.2: Learners have to make the addition of 3 external components to the organisation.

Activity 3.1: Learners have to put both positive and negative performance aspects.

Activity 3.2: Learners have to put at least 2 sources of data in which external from the organisation is mandatory.

Activity 4.1 and 4.2: Learners have to execute a good response by introducing the reflection, frequency and review purpose and process.

Activity 4.2: This part is based on the workplace environment in which the learner has to link with the relatable documents. The performance and responsibility might be observed and applied.

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