Well-Being at Work 7OS06

Well-Being at Work 7OS06

The unit Well-Being at Work 7OS06 is designed for the learners so that they can identify the procedure to improve their workplace prosperity with the detailed CIPD examination and values. For example, leadership management and self-development skills are required to encourage the resilience of employees for an inclusive and generating environment that increases the diversity between departments and teams through cultural change at the workplace. This change of culture includes positive reinforcement mindful goal setting and technique procedures including yoga breathing exercises or mindfulness meditation. All of these exercises are particularly designed for the timeline of 2 weeks therefore you can increase endurance.

The significance of a prosperous workplace matters for employees and employers both because it can increase workplace outcomes. The unit Well-Being at Work 7OS06 is comprised of the techniques through which the workplace environment can be better and the Wellness of employees and employers is possible. It provides learners with detailed information regarding the procedure of work and the Healthcare provisions method which are connected to the overall understanding and well-being of the organizational and social responsibilities.

In the unit Well-Being at Work 7OS06, the students can acquire the research method which is about the term well-being and the reason for its significance in the workforce and the business. The learners can also research the significant theories that are concerned with the well-being of the workplace and the way through which the business can approach it as the subject of the learner. The learner can also find out the relationship between the well-being of the employee and the results of business including the way through which the influence of performance and productivity. In addition, they can also find out the influence of the initiative on the well-being and the way through which the culture influences the well-being of the employee and the challenges managers may find out at the time of designing initiators for the members of staff.

Objectives of unit

The objectives of the unit are comprised of the agenda behind the designing of the unit Well-Being at Work 7OS06. This unit is designed for the individuals who:

  • The responsibilities and policies implementation of human resource management for employees.
  • The people who have experience with the foundation diploma of the CIPD and want to increase their learning in human resource management.
  • The people who are senior and practised their experience and want to get insight into knowledge.
  • The people who want to become wise powerful and independent to motivate and guide the organization with the strategy of their workforce.

Learning outcomes

The learning outcome of the unit Well-Being at Work 7OS06 is the key through which the students can easily acquire significant information about the unit. In addition, the learning outcomes which are demonstrated below are explicit for the students.

LO1: To learn the workplace value of Wellness in modern workplaces.

LO2: Recognise the connection between people, health, and work management procedures and strategies.

LO3: Evaluate the influence of general strategy on the employee`s and employers` well-being.

LO4: Recognise the character of the strategy of well-being with play performance in the preserving organization.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria of the unit Well-Being at Work 7OS06 are completed diligently with the learning outcomes so that the learners can acquire the main areas of the unit completely. Following are the assessment criteria of our service.

LO1: To learn the workplace value of Wellness in modern workplaces.

1.1 Critically analyze the significant definitions and theories in terms of the well-being at workplace.

1.2 Identify the reasons that make well-being significant for the employees and employers.

1.3 Identify the organization`s responsibility to keep the workplace well-being engaged.

LO2: Recognise the connection between people, health, and work management procedures and strategies.

2.1 Identify the group and individual factors that influence the well-being of the organization.

2.2 Critically analyze the way through which the support lacking for the well-being of employees can influence employee outcomes and organization at work.

2.3 Identify the well-being of management and its integration in terms of the other domains of the activity of people management.

2.4 Identify the initiatives of the well-being and the Health Promotion program character and the other workplace interventions.

LO3: Evaluate the influence of general strategy on the employee`s and employers` well-being.

3.1 Identify the assessment and tools utilized in the well-being and health of the workplace to generate an approach that is evidence-based.

3.2 Critically analyze the significant features of maintaining and creating the strategies for well-being.

3.3 Identify the influence of the strategies of well-being on employee and employer outcomes and experiences.

LO4: Recognise the character of the strategy of well-being with play performance in the preserving organization.

4.1 Critically evaluate the method through which the organization`s control and culture prepare for prosperity at work.

4.2 Discuss the inherent problems in the initiative of well-being individualizing.

4.3 Analyse the method through which the function of people management can play a role in accurate strategies and cultures of the corporate world to support well-being.

4.4 Elaborate on the significance of the line managers in supporting and implementing the policies of sustainable well-being.

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