CIPD Level 3 HR | Resourcing Talent | Foundation Award

CIPD level 3 Resourcing Talent Foundation Award embraces the keynotes that underpin the management of talent and resourcing with an organization. It is a critical process that deals with the recruitment process and helps the organization to discover talented and skilled minds from the marketplace so that they can bring immense benefits to their organizations. Moreover, the CIPD level 3 Resourcing Talent Foundation Award is an integral part of the HR department since its foremost responsibility is to organize the workforce in the best manner. In order to operate and grow healthily in the industry, the organization needs to incorporate effective HR employees who contribute greatly to the completion of the organizational objectives.

In this manner, the performers should showcase true potential, honed skills, and background knowledge while working in the company. They should understand and practice the necessary skills along with cooperating with their team members to attain collective success. Likewise, when the workforce is experienced and adept, they become an asset to the organization. Conversely, unproductive and inactive employees are only responsible for adding misery to the business, which is why organizations need to dismiss and replace them with expert ones. Therefore, resourcing talent becomes quite important to regulate all the processes of recruitment, selection, retention, and facilitating the workforce with the required skills and knowledge within organizational contexts.

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The Aims of CIPD Level 3 HR ‘Resourcing Talent’ Foundation Award

Upon the accomplishment of this unit code, the students would be able to comprehend and analyze the factors that impact the resourcing and talent planning activities of an organization. It provides the matrices that influence the selection policy of the business at a national and international level. Moreover, through this course, the students would get to know a wide range of recruitment methods and dismissal strategies implemented in the workplace for better achievement of the goals and objectives. The third aim educates the students with the perfect and justified set of guidelines based on the selection process so that they can become proficient in giving effective interviews. Last yet not the least, CIPD level 3 Resourcing Talent Foundation Award explains to them the significance and position of effective resourcing talent management in the business. Hence, this module suits the best for individuals who intend to upgrade their professional status in HR and L&D together with supplementing their HR skills and practices.

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The Properties of CIPD Level 3 HR ‘Resourcing Talent’ Foundation Award

CIPD Level 3 HR Resourcing Talent Foundation Award module is designed for working adults or professionals who aim to gain insights and experience of what is an effective workforce and how it operates in diverse contexts. Also, they would learn about the connection between recruitment and selection through the analysis of different characteristics that are featured below.

Employee recruitment strategy

Before commencing the hiring process, the recruiter should do some research and coin schemes accordingly. He should know every little detail of the job placement starting from the description, requirements, skills needed, objectives, experience, to the performance goals. In this manner, he should act quite clear-sighted while drawing out the employee recruitment strategy that aligns with the job requirements wholly.

Succession planning

The process of succession planning is a vital aspect of businesses. It supports the organization in exploring and identifying fresh leaders who have the potential to substitute the old ones when they quit, die, or retire from their positions. Moreover, succession planning amplifies the opportunity to fit highly experienced and perfect leaders who know how to manage and direct the employees. It is important to remember that these individuals are internal employees who are in every manner ideal and skilled to carry out leadership roles within the workplace. Therefore, through this beneficial method, organizations shortlist and choose senior internal employees and provide them complete training so that they can befall in the best leadership category.

Selecting ideal employees

Seeking and attracting the right talent is indeed a hard task for organizations. The recruiters have to undergo a plethora of steps before choosing the perfect employee. Therefore, it is necessary to create a reliable and compatible relationship with the candidate at the time of the selection process. Different tools could be used while selecting including interviews, assessments, and demonstrations. Consequently, with the application of these effective strategies, the recruiters would learn all about the candidate and the decision of selection would become transparent.

Checking and evaluating the credentials of the employee

Meanwhile the hiring process, it is crucial to inspect and verify all the background information of the candidate. The list comprises the credentials, qualifications, experience, skills, and distinctions of the candidate which he has proposed to the recruiters. Hence, for the execution of a successful selection process, all these particulars should be highly emphasized and scrutinized. Apart from this, they also need to measure how much interest the candidate is exhibiting to contribute to the achievement of organizational aims. The recruiters must accumulate in-depth information and skills of the candidates before heading towards final selection.

The induction process

The induction process signifies the business environment a starter experience in his probation period and later on. New employees learn and adapt to the norms and values practised within the workplace, which is why it an important factor to provide healthy, stable, and collaborative surroundings to the new employees. The existing employees should be taught how to make the whole business environment engaging, organized, and effective. Moreover, they should also be accountable for helping the starters with the basic information and guidance they require so that the positive impression lasts forever in their memories. On the whole, the induction process enables and promotes excellent performances of the novices which ultimately results in the successful accomplishment of the business pre-set goals.

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The retention process

Employee retention is one of the biggest challenges for an organization especially when the employee is the best one. The process deals with maintaining the interest, focus, and passion of the employees to meet the growth of company objectives. Different ways fall in the right retention process such as perks, orientation, mentoring programs, feedback, compensation, appreciation tokens, positive change in the environment, benefits, training and development, performance reviews, etc. Therefore, successful companies know how to build and apply smart retention strategies to skyrocket their sales and incentives.

The dismissal process

Sometimes the recruiter needs to terminate the employment contract based on different reasons such as low performance, redundancy, misconduct, corruption, fraud, and so on. However, whatever the ground is, the company should adhere to the accurate rules and terms of the dismissal process in order to avoid any bothering. In this manner, it becomes obvious that the reason for firing the employee is to improve the working environment and other necessary factors of the organization.

All in all, the module ‘CIPD Level 3 HR Resourcing Talent Foundation Award’ works perfectly for potential organizations that aim to proceed with their growth with every passing hour.

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