Managing And Coordinating The HR Function 5HRF

Managing And Coordinating The HR Function 5HRF

The goal of managing and controlling the HR function is to acquaint the learner with the duties and operations performed in HR. Furthermore, this unit aids the student in comprehending the job that HR plays in the workplace of the organisation.

This course aids the student in concentrating on the goals that HR professionals must set for the HR department to achieve the objectives of the organisation. This section aims to introduce learners to the duties that HR should have to ensure success in a changing company, as the HR functions evolve along with the organisation.

To guarantee that HR services are successfully provided to the organisation for its success, learners should be aware of the many theories covered in this unit.

Goals accomplished by the HR department

Professionals in human resources perform a variety of duties inside an organisational framework. This assignment consists of:


This is the process of finding candidates and hiring them by the standards established by the HR departments of the company. This technique collects a large number of applications and screens out those with high skill levels using a variety of scientific methodologies.


The HR function`s next duty is to supply resources to guarantee an organization`s continuous growth after hiring competent and experienced staff. The following are the ways that HR monitors continual progress, as expected:

  • Preparing new hires for their position within the company
  • Arranging training sessions to guarantee employees have greater expertise in their fields
  • Creating reports for top management of the company and providing feedback to staff members (HR oversees daily tasks)

Pay and Benefits: 

HR departments are responsible for determining the proper remuneration based on various jobs, performance standards, and legal obligations. 

Additional under-compensated activities consist of:

  • Use benchmarks, such as industry norms, to determine market-competitive remuneration levels for a particular job description.
  • Negotiating health insurance premiums, retirement plans, and other benefits with outside providers.
  • Talking to the organization`s employees about compensation increases or decreases
  • ensures that workers adhere to all legal and cultural requirements.

Labour and Employee Relations: 

HR`s job is to protect workers` rights by working with unions and arbitrating disputes between the company and its HR. This undertaking consists of:

HR arbitrates disputes between companies and workers.

  • Settling disputes among coworkers
  • Negotiating fairly for workers with unions, senior management, and other stakeholders in the company
  • Depending on any larger organisational issue about employee welfare, HR serves as both the organization`s and the employees` voice.
  • Track down and address allegations of abuse and harassment.

Safety and Health: 

The well-being of personnel is the most important factor for success in any industry. This undertaking consists of:

  • Putting into practice newly adopted safety measures in a particular industry
  • HR departments ensure that all job descriptions for safety precautions follow the law.
  • Presenting the appropriate legal departments with safety compliance
  • Talking about union compliance and safety

Learn about the functions of human resources (HR) and how they connect to the functions needed in the HR area in every particular business. The following picture shows these functions simplified.

Fulfilment of HR goals within the company

Ensuring the achievement of organisational objectives is the primary goal of enterprises. For this to be successful, management needs to make sure that expectations for employees are communicated clearly. Employees communicate with the senior management through this channel, which is from the bottom to the top.

Students enrolled in this class must comprehend the role senior managers play in managing the company and how they support the effectiveness of HR operations.

Students must comprehend that HR is responsible for managing comprehensive organisational data and that top managers undertake crucial duties that go outside the purview of human resources. To guarantee the accomplishment of the tasks committed to human resource functions, a senior manager is therefore required to assist.

Additionally, these top managers ensure that HR operations align with the goals and mission of the company. Other employees of the company contribute to achieving the organization`s goals and objectives in addition to the senior management.

This lesson is crucial for the learners because it helps them grasp the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in enhancing value and guaranteeing the accomplishment of organisational goals.

Theories of change management

Organisations undergo ongoing change, and HR departments must assess how much of this change affects the goals of the business. To do this, the student must comprehend the ideas underlying the assessments of these modifications. 

These hypotheses are:

The McKinsey 7-S Framework: Although this model may appear complicated, it is essential for determining how much the changes will affect the company. This model consists of seven models that are evaluated according to how, in any given sequence, they influence one another. This component is:

  • Style: This component explained the adoption of leadership.
  • Employees: This component discusses each worker`s capacity inside the company.
  • Skills: This component shows each employee`s level of competency inside the company.
  • Systems: This component explains the assignment and the steps employees take to do it.
  • Strategy: This component outlines the organization`s plan to strengthen its competitive edge.
  • Structure: This component explains the organisational hierarchy.
  • Shared Values: These are the fundamental principles that the organization`s culture and standard operating procedures establish.
  • Kurt Lewin`s model of change: The following three-phase models explain this hypothesis.
  • Unfreeze: This stage necessitates "unfreezing," or stopping the ongoing procedure and taking some time to consider potential improvements.
  • Change: This stage brings about the required modifications after HR has informed everyone about their necessity.
  • Freeze: During this stage, the organization`s goal under the recently introduced change is either solidified or worked on.
  • Nudge Theory: This theory encourages change and provides evidence to support its recommendations to persuade workers to make these changes.

The ADKAR Change Management Model, the Bridges Transition Model, and the Kübler-Ross Change Curve are the other change theories. Students who master this theory will be able to assess and apply the essential adjustments in any organisation.

Learning objectives

After completing this unit, students ought to:

  • Should be aware of the important duties and roles that the HR department plays in a business.
  • Recognise the many levels at which a business uses HR objectives.
  • Recognise the value and organisational performance metrics used to evaluate HR operations.
  • Recognise the connections between HR and other organisational domains.

In Summary

Students who want to become more professional and who want to pursue career options in HR management should take this unit. This lesson assists the student in understanding the competencies required for HR roles, change implementation, employee conflict resolution, and goal attainment oversight.

To guarantee the seamless execution of the organization`s procedures, HR specialists involved in putting organisation strategies and policies into practice should also take this unit.

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