Strategic Employment Relations 7HR01

Strategic Employment Relations 7HR01

The employment relation is considered the organisational effort in the maintenance of a positive connection between the organization and employees. The essentiality of a good relationship between employers and employees can be monitored by the fact that it enhances the work as well as the performance of the employees. A healthy relationship itself promotes the employee`s performance. In every organisation, the Human Resource Department deals with the relationship between the organisation and its employees. This task by the organisation of Human Resource Management for the management of relations between the manager and employees includes the appropriate work-life balance, moderation between employees and Managers, fruitful benefits, fair compensation, flexible working hours, etc.

The main emphasis of the unit Strategic Employment Relations 7HR01 is to generate awareness among the students to manage their relations with the organisation and employees. The main purpose of the human resource management department is to assist the organization in sorting out the conflicts and problems between the employees and management. Moreover, the HR assistants generate some policies and enforce them reasonably and consistently for the employees at an organization. To sustain an optimistic relationship among employees the organization must consider employees initially as contributors and business stakeholders rather than ordinary labor. Due to this positive frame of mind, the manager`s role gets encouragement from the Executive to search out the employees` feedback.

Several decisions taken by the side of managers and recruiters for the sake of employees possess a high impact on a business organization. The problems in the relations of the employee include workplace conflicts, workplace bullying, problems of time, pay rise requests, safety, etc. These strategies are utilized to cope with the issues of relationships such as good listening, keeping legal employment forms and documents in terms of record, education and communication, responses to complaints, number of recognitions, the satisfaction of the employees, employee performance, and the compensation data comparison with the benefits of competitors.

Assessment criteria

The criteria of the assignment paved with the multiple learning outcomes of the unit Strategic Employment Relations 7HR01. The learning outcome of the unit Strategic Employment Relations 7hr01 also impacts the relationship of the employment evaluation effective relations and Roles of the employee which influence the organisation. In addition, the assignment criteria also cater to versatile topics. The main goal of the unit Strategic Employment Relations 7HR01 is to generate human resource industry comprehension among the learners. In addition, it also assists them in accomplishing the skills and knowledge which is the basic needs of the Human Resource industry. This qualification also provides them the opportunities through which they can make a difference to the managers at different business organisations.

Multiple tasks which students are required to attain

To acquire incredible marks in the assignment the students are required to cater for the assessment criteria that are comprised of multiple tasks. The people who are going to pursue the role of Human Resource Management are required to bargain for innovative agreements that include the negotiation in terms of the individual and group of employees. The situation makes them select the bidding method. The second method which is utilised to resolve these issues is arbitration. This arbitration sorts out the matters with other means of bargaining. The significant purpose of bargaining is to sort out the greater issues however this solution should be guaranteed or agreeable that`s why it is considered legal bidding.

Task 1: Understand the versatile relations of employment perspectives the relation and the cooperation and conflicts that differentiate between strategies and trades at the workplace to appreciate mutuality and voice.

The point of view of the conflicts and relation of the employment are diverse and it is a collaborative process which exists in the organisation. Mainly the different perspectives of the employment relation include the favourable employer interest and promotion of the employee`s interest. There are multiple challenges which organisations have to face such as trade unions and collective bargaining. To deal with these problems there are diverse issues of the business and a variety of solutions that the merger shows negotiations among employers and employees with their connection solution.

Task 2: Elaborate on the reasons that maximise low-quality employment and the minimization of high-quality job roles in the versatile domains of economics. Moreover, the voice encouragement procedures will play a role in performance improvement for the employee results and organisation roles.

The cause hidden behind the output and minimum quality jobs is the recent financial situation the previous years have destroyed the financial growth which is the reason for adding pressure on the organisation. Some other aspects that influence the turnabout of skilled people depend on the technology which can be upgraded and provide multiple functions that can be prepared by software and versatile Technology rather than a person.

Task 3: Explain the duties of collective bargaining to payment determination and identification of the Advantages and disadvantages of arbitration character conciliation and mediation in the disagreement of the work resolution.

The significant function of collective bargaining is to render an efficient and successful mechanism which can sort out the working conditions issues such as compensation and the trade union with corporate representatives. The representative negotiation must be designed predominantly through elected officials who can be reflection responsible for their constituents` and interests` views. Negotiation is the only method to sort out the issues which are complex to settle down through different means and collective bargaining. Solving these strong issues is not the main reason for arbitration however to sort out the solutions in the organisation with the agreement of the people product as legal building.

Task 4: Identify the design and implementation of grievance and disciplinary procedures to help the problem-solving and mitigation of risks.

Another important benefit of arbitration is to render an idea to the third party who can make decisions by listening to both parties and enforcing a good decision. However, the negative impact of the arbitration is that it is expensive and time-consuming, particularly for the people who are participating from the two sides. In addition, arbitrators are the experts in the particular employment law provision that can be restricted to making more mistakes.

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