Supporting Change within Organisations Unit 3SCO

Supporting Change within Organisations 3SCO

Supporting Change within Organisations 3SCO is one of the main units of the CIPD level 3 that contains the fundamental description and concepts which keep the organisation updated. The unit Supporting Change within Organisations 3SCO contains the outlining of the topics that describe the causes that make it significant for you. In this unit, many topics cover the challenges and the situations that an employee has to face in the organisation while working. The main changes can occur in an organisation with the contribution of the human resource department. HR professionals need to learn the tactics through which organisational change can happen appropriately.

Important Aspects of Supporting Change within Organisations

The main goal of the unit Supporting Change within Organisations 3SCO is to investigate the important features included in the change and assist the people in understanding the organisation`s change internally and externally. Evaluate the features of organisational change which can decrease the chances of success at the implementation time. The absence of employees is considered one of the reasons for organisation failures. On the other hand, the regular presence of the employees is not the surety of the good progress of the organisation. Here are some aspects that play a crucial role in supporting change within the organisation.

  • The changing process should go through a mission, plan and valid reason. You need to prove some defined results which might be observed in the form of a smart plan. In addition, the short and long-term goal of the organisation is the main part of the organisation to analyse the headings.
  • Versatile challenges can support change in the organisation. Certify the situation analysis and at every step, there is a possible solution which is appropriate for the situation.
  • Having a strong leader plays a significant role in supporting change in an organisation.
  • Stakeholders, team members and consumers need potent connections with the employees to keep the official information confidential and secure. Furthermore, the organisation leads to chaos due to misinformation and rumours which are controlled by the trust among the employees and stakeholders. Observing the attributes of employees and the environment of the organisation gives big entities provide them the opportunity to keep things under control.
  • Every member needs the support of the team to bring change to an organisation. In the planning procedure, every employee should be invited and take part with the stakeholders. The stakeholders and employees in the same place can lead the organisation to an optimistic change and ideas will be shared excessively.
  • An employee should remain ready to bear the delays and face vulnerabilities. The main reason behind these changes is to check out the methods through which the organisational operations take place. Hence, the changes help the organisation to check out the effectiveness of the past and the current revenues and progress.
  • When a business faces a change in its strategies the working responsibilities and the contribution of employees also change. In contrast, they all get the motivation from the change. Employees need to be self-reliant on the change and never mistreat it in the traditional manner or convince the other employees to remain adaptable and reliable. Although guidance plays a significant role in it.

Main focus of the unit 3SCO

The main focus of the unit Supporting Change within Organisations 3SCO is on the importance of change and the versatile features of introducing and managing it. The growth, extension and ventures of the organisation get new in the business market with the help of change. The human resource management department plays a great role in change support and they have to monitor and re-design the process of the organisational change. The employees in the human resource department support the change according to their position in the organisation. Here are some aspects which have a great contribution to supporting change within the organisation.

  • Challenges
  • Learning needs of new skills
  • Exclusive technology development
  • Government measures
  • Consumers or suppliers pressure
  • Changes in strategic goals
  • The pressure of market competition
  • Innovative growth chances

Employee Concerns in Organisational Change

There are versatile methods that can bring change in an organisation and still take diverse opinions to check out negotiation. These are comparative to the change methods delivered to the individuals if they resist the change progression content. The changes are considered as distress for the employees because of the aspects such as:

  • Tension related to the change influence
  • Tension about incompetence will be faced in the future
  • Out-of-control scenarios
  • Extortions about the status of others
  • A surprise regarding the promotion
  • Inappropriate preparation outcomes in appropriate accessibility

If people analyse the change`s importance then it will impact the great importance at the time of professional dealing. The employees got to understand the complexities and change by diverse innovations that are followed by them such as.

  • Conversation emphasised narration and storytelling.
  • Dialogue participation in democracy and maximising concerns in terms of change.
  • Questions that are ambiguous and intentionally asked with ambition trigger the related question.
  • Negotiation and communication with the other group members
  • Having a trustable relationship among stakeholders to make the changes intelligently via abilities at the time of business requirements handling.

Unit is suitable for:

The unit Supporting Change within Organisations 3SCO is designed to make the students aware of the techniques through which they can support change in an organisation while working there. Apart from that, this unit is suitable for the following people:

  • Those who are human resource management students and want to pursue their career in the same field.
  • Those who are employed somewhere and have the intention to learn the new tactics of the organisation to make it progress and to show their potential.
  • Those who are at the junior level posts in human resource management and want to upgrade their posts by supporting the change in the organisation.
  • Those who are at the senior level in human resource management and want to upgrade their CIPD knowledge need to study the unit Supporting Change within Organisations 3SCO.
  • Those who are business owners and want to check out the tactics through which they can lead their business to the next level of success need to learn it through studies.

The categories of people listed above are the main learners of the unit Supporting Change within Organisations 3SCO.

Learning outcomes

The unit Supporting Change within Organisations 3SCO has assessment criteria that are based on the learning outcomes such as:

  • What are changes in organisation and their reasons?
  • What requirements lead organisations to get change?
  • Prepare the list involved and consider the process of change
  • Manage and maintain the change
  • Employees and managers of the Human resource department impacted by the change

LO1: Identify the causes of organizational change and its impacts on the organisation.

1.1 Describe the change details in terms of external and internal aspects.

1.2 Describe the changing methods which impact the business organisation.

LO2: Identify the significant features that are included in the versatile change management methods.

2.1 Describe the important aspects related to the change process.

2.2 Comparison between methods of change management.

LO3: Identify the impact of change on the employees and human resource managers.

3.1 Form a comparison between the behavioural responses which people illustrate at the change experience time of an organisation.

3.2 Describe the human resource manager’s responsibility to support the change and employees at the time of its implementation.

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