Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations 3MER

Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations 3MER

The Unit Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations 3MER aims to raise awareness among learners about employment legislation and the factors that affect employee relationships. The employee’s status individual rights and termination of contract influence the external and internal aspects that are provided in this unit. To accomplish a positive connection between employers and employees the organisation should achieve with the assistance of employees` interest that is diverse from the employer`s interest in increasing profit and decrease in cost. On the other hand, the employees have an interest in their salary increment and the employee`s contract including flexible hours and bonuses.

Another aim of the unit Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations 3MER is to explore the outstanding practices that help out stakeholders and employees both at the time of working with each other. It might be great for the learners to understand the optimistic relationship between employees and employers is significant for the optimum health of the company. For the betterment of the organisation, employers should have good communication skills with their employees. Optimistic connection with stakeholders will assist the employees in conveying their issues and these issues will be at rest by the employers with comfort.

Learning Objectives

This unit has its assignment criteria which are based on its learning objectives. It would make the learners eligible to get many techniques to have a good relationship in employment management after Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations 3MER.

  • Understanding external and internal factors has an impact on the relationship of employees.
  • Understanding of discrimination potential of versatile and incredible employment status.
  • Understanding of law with relations having concerns of the workplace.
  • Understanding of psychological contracts and practical concepts regarding them.
  • Understanding of better concepts and practices that allow the contract to be determined peacefully.

There are some activities on which the learning outcome criteria are based on the unit Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations 3MER. Every learning outcome caters to the activity that is related to the task and its questions are provided below.

Learning Outcomes

LO1: Distinguish the impact of employment legislation at the start of the employment relationship.

LO1.1: Describe the internal and external aspects which have an impact on the relationship of employment.

The employment law synchronises covering the relationship in employment among employees and stakeholders. It is a category that will aid the expectations of employers from employees including the rise of their right’s voice. In addition, it gives information about minimum wages for maternity and paternity leave. It also covers the specific tribunal compensation while the compensation evaluation is redundancy or false dismissal.

LO1.2 Discuss the diverse employment status types.

Here are some aspects that have an impact on the employment relationship and these aspects might be external and internal.

External aspects

External aspects refer to the outside activities of the company. On the other hand, it has an impact on the attitudes and demands of employees.

  • Financial condition
  • Competition in market
Internal aspects

The indoor happenings in an organisation including structure, HR practices, leadership, management, culture, HR practices, etc are included in the internal aspects. Besides having the internal aspects listed above, it also impacts the relationship between employers and employees such as,

  • Working condition
  • Style and chain of management in command

LO1.3 Analyse and examine the crucial reason for employment status determination being an individual.

There are three purposes which are considered the crucial determination of status for the individuals such as:

  • Recognition of the extent to which gives software employment benefits with remaining in legislation.
  • It also provides privacy to the employers in terms of employees` responsibilities while remaining under the changes of an impacted employment package.
  • It assists the employees with the benefits of software that they are permitted by legislation.

LO2: Distinguish the incredible status potentials of discrimination in employment.

LO2.1Recognisethe balance importance in the professional life regarding the employment relationship and describe the effective legislation methods.

The legislative balance of work-life is important to give protection to the employees from discrimination like health and wages laws. It permits the employees to their security and well-being. It includes the awareness of rules and regulations for the employees regarding the policies of the organisation.

LO2.2 Provide a summary of law support which keeps the employees as a family.

The legal support related to the parents and family includes adoption leave, paternity leave, maternity leave and dependant leave for the females and males in a particular time provided by the government.

LO2.3 Describe the reason why employees get fair pay.

An equal attribute assists the business organisation to progress smoothly and gives exceptional outcomes. It bestows a positive work environment and employees would remain in the company for a long time. Fair treatment refers to keeping equilibrium among employees and saying no to favouritism. Here are the causes which lead a company to keep fair treatment in an organisation.

  • The formation of satisfaction and faithfulness in employees.
  • The formation of healthy and strong relationships based on respectful and trustful work.

LO2.4 Elucidate the main legislation discrimination points.

The act of equality gives protection to the employees in the discrimination scenario at a workplace. The domains covered by the act of equality are given below:

  • Racial discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Gender reassignment discrimination
  • Human rights
  • Modern slavery statement
  • Pregnancy and maternity discrimination
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Ethnicity pay gap complaints
  • Pay ratio reporting to the CEO

Types of Discrimination Faced by the Employees at the Workplace.

  • Victimisation
  • Indirect discrimination
  • Direct discrimination

LO2.5 Describe the practices which are great and have sub-categorised organisation policies and influence the psychology by contract.

The idea of dismissal is interconnected with the employee’s termination. The Employment Rights Act restricts workers from getting terminated on unfair bases. The employee’s dismissal must be fair and within the legislation. The termination of the employees needs to be in a professional procedure to keep discipline in the organisation.

LO3: Recognise the concern legislations at workplace relationships.

LO3.1 Describe the difference between true and untrue dismissals.

A True dismissal refers to the termination of employees because of legal restriction, capability, reasonable conduct and redundancy. The issue of employees` immigration employees behaviour with irrelevant and conflict problems becomes the reason for their termination. In addition, the employees should get the notification before the termination process as a kind of warning from the side stakeholders. In contrast with it, the untrue decimal includes the employee’s termination without any legal reason or any unlawful conduct. For example, untrue dismissal includes the categories of gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, race, religion, etc.

LO3.2 Describe the exit interview importance

An exit interview refers to a negotiation between the employee and the employer for the process of termination. However, the reason behind the departure of employees which became the reason for the interview is given below:

  • Employee fire
  • Employee Retirement
  • Employee resignation

LO3.3 Elucidate the main steps following in management redundancy.

The following steps are required in redundancy management.

  • Planning
  • Employee’s consultation
  • Appeal before dismissal
  • Finding volunteers
  • Redundancy selection
  • Pool identification for choice
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