Talent Management & Workforce Planning 5HR02

Talent Management & Workforce Planning 5HR02

The main aim of the unit Talent Management & Workforce Planning 5HR02 is to investigate workforce planning and talent management in an organisation. In addition, to assessing the learners` recognise the labour market and its trends. It also deals with the ways of relating planning of the workforce to attract accurate candidates to become part of the organisation. Participants identify the role of the employers while positioning a job role in the labour market. To certify that the organisation and its resourcing are with the accurate people and professional day check out the labour market prior to making the decisions of resourcing.

The learners will maximise the inside to versatile process of workforce planning techniques, selection processes and recruitment procedures across the course. The main contribution of these factors is to generate worker retention by enhancing the workforce quality generated in an organisation. In addition, the unit Talent Management & Workforce Planning 5HR02 also provides support to employers in enhancing the development and retention of employees from talent pools by assisting them with the trend of turnover of employees.

According to the OcMara Industries case study, the main involvement in the energy is of a global company. Students are required to render evidence to support their recognition of trends in the labour market. The senior managers of an organisation must develop the practice objectives of the people to maximize their sustainable energy resource uses and the process that is environmentally friendly. The main objective of the unit Talent Management & Workforce Planning 5HR02 is to retain and recruit staff with the capabilities and skills mandatory to serve innovative areas of development and secure them from competition.

The factsheet articles of CIPD can assist the students because they are prepared to assess it completely. The Talent planning and fact sheet of resources elaborates the ways for explaining the strategies of talent management. It is also a crucial factsheet utilised by the students when completing their assessment.

Objectives of unit

The main objective of the unit Talent Management & Workforce Planning 5HR02 includes CIPD factsheet articles.

  • To identify the reason for leaving employees in an organisation
  • The ways to make employees adhere to the organisation.
  • Discuss the factors which must be implemented in work culture for balancing the work life.

Learning outcomes

The learning outcome of unit Talent Management & Workforce Planning 5HR02 is designed to cater for the objective of the whole learning program. Let’s have a look at the learning outcomes of the unit Talent Management & Workforce Planning 5HR02 .

  • LO1: Recognise the key contemporary Trends of the labour market and its importance in the planning workforce.
  • LO2: Recognise the significance and purpose of workforce planning
  • LO3: recognise the impact and purpose of useful talent management
  • LO4: recognise the significance of managing effective onboarding and contractual arrangements.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria of the unit is comprised of the learning outcomes which are tailored to clear the concepts of the students in terms of management planning and check out its impact.

LO1: Recognise the key contemporary Trends of the labour market and its importance in the planning workforce.

1.1 Elaborate the weight through which the organisations position strategically themselves in the competition of labour markets.

1.2 Elaborate the influence of changing conditions in the labour market with resourcing decision

1.3 Elaborate the government, Trade Union and employers` role in certifying that the future skills requirements are met.

LO2: Recognise the significance and purpose of workforce planning

2.1 Identify the significance of effective planning of the workforce.

2.2 Analyse the techniques utilise to support the phenomena of planning workforce.

2.3 Elaborate the approaches to contingency and succession planning to have a goal of alleviating Workforce Risk.

2.4 Monitor the weaknesses and strengths of diverse methods of selection and recruitment to generate an effective workforce.

LO3: Recognise the impact and purpose of useful talent management

3.1 Identify the retention and turnover trends and the aspects which impact the reasons which make people select to remain or leave.

3.2 Contrast diverse approaches to retaining and developing talent in groups and individuals.

  • Individual level development
  • Group level development

3.3 Analyse the approaches which are taken by the organisation to support and build versatile talent pools.

3.4 Elaborate the influence in terms of dysfunctional turnover of employees.

3.5 Identify the advantages of diversity in supporting and building talent pools.

LO4: Recognise the significance of managing effective onboarding and contractual arrangements.

4.1 Monitor the appropriate categories of contractual arrangements relying on particular requirements of the workforce.

4.2 Contrast between the important categories of contractual terms of contracts.

4.3 Elaborate on the benefits and components of effective onboarding.

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