Well-being at Work 5OS07

Well-being at Work 5OS07

The main aim of the unit Well-being at Work 5OS07 is to make the learners able in terms of the well-being notion and its significance in the environment of the workplace through exploring this unit. It Emphasizes the interconnectedness of general well-being work and health and the way through which it intersects interdependently with the strategy and people management of the organization. This section initially emphasizes the significant components of the well-being program checking out the involvement of stakeholders’ responsibilities of an organization and the influence on the organization and individuals.

The student will get the opportunity to learn the way through which the well-being of employment can be managed at a workplace to meet the goals of the business. It will also analyze the concepts and difficulties in terms of workplace betterment. The learners will have the potential to analyze the stakeholders who are having difficulty with the well-being program`s success and the way through which employee prosperity influences other people`s management parts.

This Unit Well-being at Work 5OS07 is designed for individuals who have Experience in employment in learning and development and human resource management. On the other hand, individuals who do not have a professional or academic background are also eligible for this unit because of the impartiality and need for particular credentials in CIPD. Thus this course is accurate for any individual who has an interest in learning about the prosperous principles in terms of building cultures and programs that can improve the employee`s and businesses` life span.

Learning outcomes

There are some learning outcomes on which the unit Well-being at Work 5OS07 is comprised. The unit Well-being at Work 5OS07 contains significant learning outcomes to make the learners acquire well-being strategies at work. These are the learning outcomes of the unit.

LO1: Recognise the well-being concept and its value in the workplace.

LO2: Recognise the external and internal components that impact the business`s well-being.

LO3: Generate a well-being program for the well-being management of the organization.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria of the unit Well-being at Work 5OS07 is completed trailer by keeping the learning outcomes of the unit into account. This meant criteria completely caterer all the significant areas of learning outcomes such as:

LO1: Recognise the well-being concept and its value in the workplace.

1.1 Identify the concepts and difficulties linked with the well-being of the workplace. Identify the modern issues of wellbeing that include dynamic work nature, modern issues of wellbeing, workers, and work settings.

1.2 Elaborate on the way of managing well-being to accomplish the goals of the organization accurately. Initially demonstrate the commonly accepted concept of discussion and their being with the outcomes of utilizing them in practice. It must also theatre techniques of well-being management including occupational health employee assistant initiative management and absence and the way that they can contribute to the effectiveness of the organization.

1.3 Elaborate the learning through advantages evaluation of the organization and well-being programs. Consider the strategic and psychological benefits to consider the needs including the providence of an incredible work environment that boosts domestic performance suppresses mental stress and appreciates employees` engagement, retention, and productivity. The learners should also be connected fundamentally with the benefits of longevity and health of the organization.

LO2: Recognise the external and internal components that impact the business`s well-being.

2.1 Analyse the participation of stakeholders in boosting the well-being of the organization. The learners also have to search out the way through which the participation of stakeholders and their role impact the well-being program`s success. The stakeholders are considered as the senior executive and line managers who render the management functions of the people and provide feedback to the challenges.

2.2 Elaborate on the versatile aspects of wellbeing and the practice of the people who are connected. Students also understand the relationship between the well-being of employees and domains of Human Resource practices which include stimulation, role design, diversity, learning and development, and remuneration.

2.3 Identify the components which influence well-being in the context of the organization including the strategy of the firm, personal composition and needs, and operating sectors. This might be attended by identifying versatile approaches and determining the relatable benefits in versatile settings. Moreover, students also have to discuss the well-being function as a separate entity or a holistic idea.

LO3: Generate a well-being program for the well-being management of the organization.

3.1 Research the versatile projects of well-being and connect them to the approximate requirement of the particular organization. the learners will be able to search out the organization`s demand where such efforts going to buy well-being identification initiative including promotion of Health and health facilities construction, moreover benefits including better health and work-life balance

3.2 Demonstrate the design of the program for the initiative of welding that is quite according to the demands of the company. For instance identification of the concern areas advantages of wellbeing programs implementation in these areas and the measuring program models for performance. They also have to recognize challenges and issues which might influence the design of the program including stakeholder input feasibility and best delivery determination with program modalities.

3.3 Particularize the way through which the program can be successful when it gets addressed. The main need of the section is to make the trainees recognize the program is prosperous only when the addressed well-being problems are significant for the organization. Therefore the presentation of the trainee implementation, they should consider the employee and Organisation characteristics.

3.4 Demonstrate the techniques to identify the useful programs of well-being and their significance in crafting better outcomes for the organization. Regular quantitative and qualitative measures including surveys and interviews utilize these methods to encourage continuous improvement in well-being.

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