Employment Law 7ELW

Employment Law 7ELW help

The optional 7ELW Employment Law module covers both recent and upcoming advancements in employment law and is part of the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management.

Goal & Objective of the Module?

The purpose of the employment law unit is to give students the information, abilities, and comprehension needed to inform organizations about the ramifications of recent and upcoming changes in employment law. Additionally, after finishing it, students are ready to provide accurate and up-to-date guidance regarding the real-world application of legal principles in the workplace.

The program will give students an understanding of the fundamental ideas behind employment law in the UK (or Ireland) and the EU, as well as the main defences employed by employers in court. Additionally, it will allow students to discuss potential costs to the organization and reputational hazards connected with losing the case.

Furthermore, rather than focusing on unique or esoteric legal scenarios, emphasis is placed on scenarios that occur somewhat frequently in professional settings and on in-depth knowledge of relevant statutes or case law.

The module undoubtedly continues to expand in both volume and complexity. As a result, there are now a significant number of legislation on workplace relationships and employment. Public bodies are now required by Employment Law to advance equality.

An organization is free to consult outside legal counsel for expert opinions on matters that are more complicated and unique. Senior HR professionals, however, need to be aware of the most important recent and upcoming changes to the regulatory landscape. Therefore, before implementing any plans or decisions, an organization should make the necessary preparations in case there are any legal concerns.

As the number of claims before employment tribunals rises, human resources assumes a more proactive role in resolving conflicts and challenges at work. It also takes the lead in the organization`s response when a formal lawsuit is investigated or pursued. Most significantly, it meets all of these requirements to the highest professional standards and prepares and presents responses to an employment tribunal on allegations.

Lastly, the curriculum encourages critical analysis of theory and practice from a professional and ethical perspective. It provides chances for ongoing professional growth and applied learning.

Who Fits This Module Ideal?

  • The goals and preferences of individuals who: Are assigned the duty of making HR decisions at organizations at various levels, including operational, tactical, and strategic levels, are catered to by 7ELW Employment Law.
  • Are looking to further their careers and are in a team or HR functional management post.
  • Possess duties related to the HR department and engage in activities outside of their area of expertise within a firm.
  • Are in-house or freelance consultants who provide organizations with the assistance they require to achieve their objectives?
  • Possesses goals for a career in HR and CIPD professional membership.

The module`s learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, students should be able to: Clearly articulate the fundamental ideas guiding employment law and how they apply in the UK (or Ireland), including common law, as well as its purpose, history, and real-world applications.

  • Show that you can counsel colleagues on important legal ramifications of choices, initiatives, or recommendations made in the workplace.
  • Guidance on the proper course of action to follow when employment law is applicable in the workplace.
  • Play a significant part in choosing the proper organizational response to be implemented when the worker or employee-related legal action is expected, threatened, or pursued.
  • Engage in the entire process of preparing, presenting, and resolving employment tribunal matters.
  • Be able to maintain a current understanding of changes in employment legislation. Moreover, be qualified to counsel the organization regarding how these advancements will affect employment practices and policies.

What are the standards for assessment?

It is possible to assess this module using a multi-sectorial method. This guarantees the assessment of all learning outcomes in a way that enhances the experience of the learner. The purpose of the evaluation tools is to enable students to show that they have mastered the material and that they can apply theory to practice and effectively communicate in the HR industry.

The following tasks will be part of the learner assessment:

  • Summative assessments will account for at least half of the learning objectives.
  • A range of learning, teaching, and formative assessment activities will be used to evaluate the remaining learning outcomes. These activities include:
  • Work activities that are integrated
  • Presentations both in groups and individually
  • Reports
  • tests with a time limit
  • Exams
  • Viva Voce homework
  • Case studies

Competency-based assessment centres have the option to create their activities or select ones from the CIPD Assessment Bank. The activities must first have CIPD approval if they select their assessments.

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