Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning 7KML

Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning 7KML sample

One argument for the importance of organizational learning is that it determines whether an organization succeeds or fails, notably in gaining a competitive edge. The process`s efficacy and efficiency have an impact on the results. As such, it is imperative to examine and enhance organizational learning. It is frequently possible to do this using knowledge management-related methods and strategies. Because knowledge cannot exist without learning, learning is a prerequisite for knowledge generation. Thus, a proven relationship exists between the two ideas.

One of the most important factors that determine whether an organization succeeds or fails, for example, in gaining a competitive edge, is undoubtedly organizational learning. The efficacy and efficiency of organizational learning have a big impact on the organization`s performance results.

As a result, analyzing and enhancing organizational learning requires an extraordinary amount of focus. It is possible to accomplish this using knowledge management-related methods and strategies. Knowledge and learning go hand in hand; the formation of the latter requires the former. Therefore, there is a known connection between these two ideas.

What is the Module`s Objective?

This lesson delves into the relationship between knowledge and learning, as well as cultivating a critical comprehension of knowledge management ideas. The text delves into the topic of organizational learning and its correlation with the development and execution of knowledge management tactics that bolster organizational learning.

In addition, the course requires students to critically reflect on theory and practice from a professional and ethical standpoint, as well as examine the consequences for professional activities. It offers chances for both ongoing professional growth and applied learning.

Who Fits This Module Ideal?

Individuals who fit this unit:

  • Be in charge of the HR functional management position and are looking to further their careers.
  • Want to become a professional member of CIPD and pursue a career in HR.
  • Assume decision-making authority for HR at the operational, strategic, and tactical levels of the organization.
  • Possesses responsibilities for organization-wide HR operations, excluding specialized roles.
  • are self-employed or hired consultants who assist companies in accomplishing their aims and objectives.
  • aspire to be a CIPD professional and pursue a career in HR.

What learning objectives does this module have?

After completing this course, students should be able to: Analyze topics like organizational learning and knowledge management from a critical perspective and identify relevant theories.

Examine and evaluate the numerous ways that distinct concepts are applied in organizational processes.

Create and implement knowledge management plans and initiatives centred on the organization to advance, support, and capitalize on organizational learning. A great range of contextual elements need to be considered in all of them.

Oversee the implementation of knowledge management policies and procedures to promote and ease organizational learning. Other experts and management participate in this and assist.

Behave morally and professionally while exhibiting your dedication to diversity and fair opportunity. They must also keep up their professional and personal growth.

What are the Module`s Assessment Criteria?

There are two methods for assessing this module. Initially, summative assessments account for at least half of the learning objectives. Activities related to teaching, learning, and formative assessment are used to evaluate the remaining 50% of the learning result. Among these pursuits are the following:

  • Exams
  • Case studies
  • Tasks
  • Tasks
  • Reports
  • Work activities that are integrated
  • tests with a time limit
  • Viva Voce

It is also possible to employ a competency-based evaluation for this approach in several authorized centres. Nevertheless, this evaluation approach requires that the assessors possess vocational competence.

The CIPD Assessment Bank provides these centres with the option to select assessment activities from there or create their own. Should the centres design their evaluation tasks, CIPD approval is required before implementation.

In summary

Knowledge management and organizational learning are the two most important components to guarantee the long-term viability of the company. Unrestricted information flow can facilitate organizational learning. To stay competitive and boost sales, each organization must have an effective knowledge management system. It also aids in staff retention, personal growth, and other crucial areas that a company must think about to survive in a setting that is becoming more and more competitive.

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