Designing, Delivering and Evaluating Learning and Development Provision 7DDE

Designing, Delivering and Evaluating Learning and Development Provision 7DDE help

You might choose to pursue the Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management with Module 7DDE: Designing, Delivering, and Evaluating Learning and Development Provision.

Objective and Goal of the Module

Planning and delivering learning and development often takes place in a particular setting. Consequently, the module seeks to cultivate a critical comprehension of the function and impact of diverse contextual elements. Contextual factors play a role in the creation, use, and assessment of learning and development techniques and interventions.

The field of instructional design benefits from a well-established corpus of information and theory that supports learning processes. The corpus of knowledge and theory also supports learning, which has an impact on how learning is planned, delivered, and developed. Consequently, this body of proven information is an essential part of this unit.

The 7DDE module`s main goal is to help participants acquire the professional knowledge and abilities needed to function well in specialized roles. The organization, execution, and evaluation of learning and development are the focus of these specialist positions.

Because of this, students taking this subject are required to critically analyze theory and practice from an ethical and professional perspective. In addition, the unit offers chances for applied learning and an ongoing process of professional growth.

For whom is this module appropriate?

A wide range of human resource professionals can use this module. The following people are eligible for this unit:

  • They hold the duty of making HR-related decisions at several levels of an organization, mainly the tactical, strategic, and operational levels.
  • Are HR professionals looking to further their careers and professional skills as team members or in HR functional management roles?
  • Are in the HR division and wish to become a professional member of the CIPD. 
  • To become a professional member of the CIPD, you must complete this and other core modules.
  • Instead of working for any one company, they serve as consultants, assisting them in reaching their targets.
  • Possess accountability and obligations for the HR-related tasks and operations of an organization, but they do not hold a specialized position. They will be able to specialize in a certain HR function thanks to this module.

What are this module`s learning outcomes?

Upon finishing this unit, learners ought to be capable of:

  • Give an account of the internal and external contextual elements that impact the development, implementation, and assessment of learning techniques and interventions in different companies.
  • Assess, choose, and implement a variety of techniques and procedures for meeting learning and development requirements at the group, team, occupational, individual, and organizational levels in cooperation with pertinent stakeholders.
  • To choose and defend the best learning and development strategies, critically assess and apply a variety of ideas and principles related to instructional design and learning. They should also have the assistance and involvement of different managers and specialists while selecting the delivery channels.
  • Create learning plans and interventions that will address requirements in a timely, practical, and economical way.
  • Using a variety of techniques, validate your ability to facilitate learning and deliver it to people across organizational levels and occupational groups.
  • To determine the effectiveness and attainment of learning strategies and interventions, plan and execute the necessary evaluation techniques.
  • Act morally and professionally, exhibiting a commitment to diversity and equal opportunity in the design and implementation of learning and development programs, as well as ongoing professional and personal growth.

What are the standards for assessment?

To make sure that the learning objectives are satisfied in a way that enhances the learners` experiences, educators assess learners in a variety of ways. Consequently, 50% of the module`s learning objectives are evaluated through summative assessment. Formative assessment, learning, and teaching are some of the activities used to evaluate the remaining learning outcomes. These include the following activities:

  • Examples
  • Evaluations
  • both individual and group presentations
  • Reports
  • tests with a time limit
  • Tasks
  • Exams
  • Viva Voce

Additionally, a competency-based evaluation may be employed in centres where this assignment technique has been approved. But they must have assessors who are qualified in their field. They must also design their activities or choose authorized ones from the CIPD Assessment Bank.

In the same vein, to guarantee that standards are evaluated about both internal and external benchmarks, all centre-marked assessments need to be moderated by an outsider.

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