Understanding and Implementing Coaching and Mentoring 7ICM

Understanding and Implementing Coaching and Mentoring 7ICM sample

Organizations are using coaching and mentoring more and more as professional and personal management development tactics and approaches. Processes of coaching and mentoring have gained scholarly interest and are increasingly prevalent in professional practice. However, expert research and writing have indicated that when using these procedures and approaches, several concerns, troubles, and useful practices ought to be taken into account.

Objective & Goal of Module

This module encourages an evidence-based approach, and the research and writing raise unresolved questions about the state of coaching and mentoring practice today. This will make it possible to acquire the professional, social, and intellectual abilities needed to plan, organize, and carry out coaching and mentoring services and programs in the workplace. The execution of these initiatives will also enhance individual growth and organizational success.

To foster critical comprehension and awareness of the advantages and limitations of coaches and mentoring designs, frameworks, and associated theories, the unit also encourages the critical assessment of oversimplified and prescriptive descriptions of mentoring and coaching.

Students are required to critically reflect on the principles and procedures from an ethical and professional stance as they explore the consequences of professional practice in this module. Moreover, it permits ongoing professional development and applied learning.

Who Fits in with This Module

Students who: 

  • Are in charge of making decisions related to human resources (HR) at different organizational levels, such as tactical, operational, and strategic, should take this subject.
  • Possess goals for a human resource career and CIPD professional membership.
  • are self-employed or outside counsel who help businesses accomplish their goals
  • Do HR professionals wish to progress in their careers and work in a team or an HR functional management role?
  • Possess duties and obligations related to HR operations inside a company, but they do not hold a specialized position

What are the objectives for learning?

By the time this subject ends, students ought to know how to: First, look over the many frameworks and models for coaching and mentoring.

Show that you have a critical and informed grasp of the psychological theories and concepts that guide the development and use of mentoring and coaching. This could involve a range of theories about learning, emotional intelligence, human growth, and organizational transformation and evolution.

Create and put into practice organization-based mentoring and coaching programs while taking into account a variety of contextual elements.

Offer a person competent, polished, and successful coaching and mentoring in a range of work-related, personal, and professional settings.

In your mentoring and coaching work, conduct yourself morally and professionally, exhibiting a dedication to diversity, equal opportunity, and ongoing professional and personal growth.

What is the Mode of Assessment?

This module has multiple grading schemes. The first step is to employ summative assessment to meet at least half of the learning objectives. The activities mentioned below are examples of how to assess the remaining learning outcomes in terms of teaching, learning, and formative assessment.


  • Work activities that are integrated
  • Tasks
  • both individual and group presentations
  • Reports
  • tests with a time limit
  • Exams
  • Examples

Competency-based assessments can be used at centres that have been approved for this assessment technique and have assessors who are occupationally competent in addition to these assessment methodologies. Moreover, authorized CIPD centres are free to design their assessment procedures, but to employ them, they need to receive approval.

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