Supporting Collective and Social Learning 3SCL

Supporting Collective and Social Learning 3SCL

Worldwide social and environmental disruption has resulted from changes to the planet caused by humans. A large number of the resulting changes are wicked problems or issues that society is currently unable to address. Such issues require extensive social change to be resolved. Collaboration among the various knowledge—individual, community, specialised, organisational, and holistic—into which Western thought has descended is therefore necessary. A barrier to collective social learning involving multiple pieces of knowledge required for significant change is the global dominance of Western specialised knowledge. It prevents non-Western nations from accessing their indigenous knowledge as well.

Aligning the various knowledge in a way that promotes group thinking and cooperative practice is the goal of the collective social learning pattern. A meta-pattern is an active intervention spiral that unites the knowledge at all four stages of the social learning cycle on equal footing. Every knowledge base consists of its pattern. Integration is a process that connects the patterns in each learning stage. The collective social learning pattern functions as a coordinating framework, integrating the various knowledge to address each of the following questions sequentially: What should be? (exchanging thoughts); What is it? (proving a point); What might happen? (original concepts); what might be? (Collaborative endeavour). Over 200 community-wide change initiatives have tested the suggested pattern. Programmes for revolutionary change in an agricultural region, an integrated research policy, a future-focused coastal city, and a change management workshop are given as examples here.

Unit`s purpose and objective 

Through their interactions with one another, humans have always learned. There is an increase in learning opportunities as new technologies quickly broaden the scope and frequency of interactions. The notions of social and collective learning, as well as the various forms they can take, are introduced to students in this unit. 

In particular, the unit examines how social media and e-learning programmes` unique technologies are influencing group and social learning, and consequently, the roles and skill sets needed for L&D professionals. After enhancing their understanding in these areas, the learners are expected to use social media to support learning in an L&D activity and to facilitate an online discussion. 

This Unit is Suitable For;

People who want to work in the field of learning and development (L&D) or who are already employed there and want to expand their knowledge and abilities in the area of technology-enabled group and social learning can benefit from this unit. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Learners will have gained an understanding of the principles and developing practices of social and collective learning upon completion of this unit.
  2. Have the ability to lead social and group learning activities within an online learning programme. 
  3. Have the ability to boost social and group learning through the use of social media. 

The unit`s guided learning hours are typically 30 hours, plus an extra 30 hours of self-directed learning for reading and creating assessment materials.

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